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My God I’m A Bird Spotter!

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My Garden

One of my favourite movies is called “Birdy”, starring a very young, Matthew Modine and Nicolas Cage. It is the story of childhood friends of disparate backgrounds who go to Vietnam where the Nicolas Cage character is traumatized by his experiences and regresses to a near comatose state. Mathew Modine is brought in to coax Cage back into the real world using memories of their childhood. Directed by Alan Parker it is an unusual and powerful story. Anyway I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

The point of this reference is that from this movie I developed a love of birds and ornithopters. I have three cockateels as pets. I used to have zebra finches but they bred so profusely that I set them free. I wasn’t sure about this as I’d heard stories about tame birds not surviving in the real world. As a precaution I bought a chook feeder which I hung from a tree in my back yard and continued to feed my little buds. At first they would come every day, then it was once a week and sometimes they would disappear for awhile but always come back.

The seed I use now is a wild bird mix that contains different sized seed. Every weekend my wife and I would fill the feeder and first would come the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, the largest of the visitors, followed by the Galahs, the Rainbow Lorikeets, the Adelaide Rosella’s and finally my little marauding gang of Zebra Finches.

Essentially the larger birds eat the larger seeds until only the small seed is left for the small birds. Both a pecking order and a sorting process. Like myself the koala watches over the proceedings and we both think it is a hoot. Better than television.

Thoroughly Modern Baghead

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Jock Story

The Undies Story

When I was young so many years ago my beloved grandmother used to work in a local department store selling underpants. In those days the standard underwear for men and boys were colloquially called ‘blue ringers’, which were white ‘Y‘ fronted undies. The ‘blue ringers’ referred to the two stripes that encircled the elastic belt at the top. For me, having family connections in the underpants department meant that when ‘jocks’ came to my hometown, I was one of the first to receive the aforementioned apparel; a leopard skin print ala’ Johnny Weissmuller. I didn’t think much of the sartorial improvement foisted upon me until sports day when I was ridiculed by my male colleagues and later the whole school. Within a month of this embarrassing episode, attitudes had changed so much that if you were caught wearing the old style ‘blue ringers’ then you risked being a pariah of the school fraternity.

Your Father’s Wristwatch

Years later in my working life, I remember scoffing at the young men who entered the construction sites and who didn’t own a wrist watch but would offer the time via their cell phones. In this instance, I was the Philistine clinging to the old ways for it wasn’t long before I too was framing my day with the cell phone timekeeping method. Later I binned my watch collection because no-one wanted them and they were just taking up room, then a month later my sister gave me a watch for my birthday. Incidentally I am wearing that watch right now as I type.

Google Glass

In more recent times I’ve read about the ‘iPhone watch’ and ‘Google Glass’ and think to myself that I would never need such things because I’m too set in my ways. This is why advertising is directed to the 10 to 30 y.o. demographic. Personally I have an iPad and a smart phone but I still prefer my trusty old PC, because it has a proper keyboard, a nice big screen and I like using an old style mouse. For me the future is changing rapidly but I’m not a risk taker, I prefer other people to wear the fancy jocks and after its been filtered through society and given the thumbs up, then I’ll explore purchasing it.


I do the same thing with music, although I like some contemporary music there is so much available that it is a waste of my time to troll through it to find music appealing to me. It is easier to go back in the decades and find music that has been filtered through the masses and declared quality by the charts or by the very fact that it is still available. I have a better strike rate at finding music that I like that way.

The Future Is A Funny Thing.

My beautiful Great Grandmother, ‘Alma’ died when I was 25 years old. She in turn was born in 1894 and in her time saw the advent of the motor car, flight, and man landing on the moon amongst many other technologies that we all take for granted today and everyday.

In my own time as it currently stands I’ve seen the advent of “jockettes”, microwaves, digital camera’s, ATM’s, GPS, Drones, Solar panels, PC’s, battery operated vacuum cleaners, electric toothbrushes and a myriad of other things too vast to mention. The list is seriously phenomenal. It’s like the rate of innovations and inventions are accelerating in a massive ever steepening curve upwards. When it seems like everything that you could possibly need has already been invented the boffins come up with something else you never knew you had to have.

Its hard to predict the future but as a spectator I can only say that I’m enjoying a front row seat and who knows, maybe someday soon I will be walking around with my new glasses, talking to myself but that would be nothing new.

Growing Old

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There was a popular television show in Australia called “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”, to which I took a casual interest in, having a ten year old son at the time. The shows premise was a quiz show pitting bright young kids against various adults foolish enough to fall for the trap and the ensuing public humiliation.

The afore-mentioned show has long dropped off the radar but has continued to haunt me since it aired. I don’t consider myself to be overly smart or authorative on any particular subject but being a father I assume the role of surrogate teacher and mentor outside of school hours for my youngster. My boy who has not yet entered the teenage “know-all” phase continually amazes me with his natural intuitiveness which seems to juxtapose against my increasingly crusty behaviour.

The other day I was trying to demonstrate my artistic flair by designing a t-shirt motif which was printed via bubble jet printer onto special paper and then ironed on. Simple enough for someone who used to enjoy screen printing, except my progeny pointed out with great enthusiasm that I had neglected to print the negative for a readable end product. Doh! Unfortunately this is one instance of many and although I’m proud of the little bloke for his clarity the relish in which he illuminates my latest folly only seems to undermine my self esteem and authority.

In moments like these I can only take solace in the fact that I can whip his arse at indoor wrestling. Still the writing is on the wall. Indeed I can remember when my own father could back a trailer through the eye of a needle and yet these days his car seems to be permanently in the panel beaters after his latest altercation with a supermarket carpark.

In recent times my wife and I have taken a keen interest in our garden. I would never have believed that would be the case a few years ago. I guess you can’t stop the inevitable but I only hope I can grow old with an element of coolness or is that an oxymoron? :-)


As a Post Script to this story; I washed the said T-shirt for the first time whislt at the same time giving the offspring a lesson at my mastery of the washing machine. Problem was that the dial that I thought for the last 10 years said 90 minutes actually read 90 degrees. Doh! again. The result was a shrivelled up and faded T-shirt motif a little hurt pride and an even more cheeky 11 year old.