Gibson And The Future Of Modern Guitar

Recently Gibson Guitars agreed to pay a $300,000 fine for its role in importing illegal timber from Madagascar and India. Now I don’t want to dwell on specifics here or debate the moral aspects of the situation (which dates back to raids back in 2009 and 11). What I would say however is that; if you have  been drooling over that Les  Paul or Hummingbird hanging up at your local dealer then now might be the time to make a plunge on that purchase. These classic guitars will only become rarer and more valuable as time marches on and global awareness of these dwindling resources becomes more regulated. The future of guitars will eventually shift to modern materials and these beautiful wooden instruments will eventually become museum pieces or the possessions of the wealthy. It won’t be in my lifetime but the direction is becoming apparent.


4 Responses to “Gibson And The Future Of Modern Guitar”

  1. Yes. Good advice.

  2. My guitarist has quite a few of them & he treasures them so much, Last night on stage he broke a string on his gorgeous gold top he had especially done, sure rather than re string he just pulled out another one lol the audience who know these guitars just sat amazed lol… Good point buddy 🙂

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