Free Backing Tracks

Made in Korea and built like a tank

Guitar Center – King Of The Blues is a guitar competition that has downloadable backing tracks which are absolutely killer. If you haven’t heard about it before then do yourself a favour and head over to their website and check them out. “50’s Rock N’ Roll” is my favourite and reminds me of Ron Wood when he was in the Faces. They are all great tracks to fool around with and if you can find it “Stone Blues” from a previous competition is well worth chasing down too.   Try the link below; 😛


3 Responses to “Free Backing Tracks”

  1. I had no idea they had a site with their tracks posted on it. Thanks!

    • I looked at your site – that must be really rewarding teaching kids to rock. My son just considers his music lessons an absolute chore.

  2. Wow, thanks for the link!

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