My favourite peaceniks

I consider myself to be a reasonably rational person but as anyone who knows me well, would tell you; that is just a front. Behind the well honed, facade lurks an hysterical fan of sixties pop. I have often pondered why this might be so as it appears to be quite irrational. I was in nappies when most of my idols ruled the airwaves or at least not far from it. In fact many of my idols are dead and yet the allure of the music and the intrigue of the history is for me eternally fresh. Collecting the catalogues of my favourite musicians is a most enjoyable quest which has long since departed from anything that would be considered normal.

No doubt I will persevere until I die and then my wife will have to deal with my hoardings and dismantle my shrines. For my family, my behaviour is normal in an eccentric sort of way and although they don’t share my passion they have learn’t to live with it. Indeed I have somehow drawn them into my delusion as every birthday I receive some sort of offering to my sixties world which is housed in  a special room – my inner sanctum.
Although I am an orphan in my real life persuits of all things sixties, online I am but one of a great army – many of whom make me look relatively sane. This for me is both vindication of my behaviour and a great source of nourishment for my hobby.
One of my obsessions for many years was collecting photos on the net of Jimi Hendrix and then dating them by what he was wearing or by what guitar he was playing. I would then cross reference them with Johnny Black’s most excellent book “Eyewitness Hendrix”.
This brings me to my next point; obsession. Admitting that your behaviour is a tad obsessive suggests a mental condition. Well I’m certainly quite mental and probably somewhat compulsive but I function pretty well in the rest of my life, at least in public. I don’t harm anybody and most importantly, I enjoy myself. I guess I’m the kind of guy who dances on the inside – I would like to let out  my inner freak but he’s probably best left in his “special room”.

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